Category: Geografi, Biografi & Sejarah
Pages: 64
Year: 1992


PILI 362.jpg

Tahun        :  1992

Penulis       :  Mike Griffiths

Penerbit     :  The Directorate General of Forest Protection and Nature Conservation and World Widelife Fund for Nature (WWF-IP)

Lokasi       :  s.l

Halaman    :  64 hlm (full colour)

Ukuran      :  15 x 21 cm

Klas           :  921.11 GRI l (sebelumnya 502.7 (921.11) DIR l)

Indonesia's Leuser National Park is one of the great na­tional parks or Southeast Asia and perhaps the most diverse of all conservation areas between India and the Philippines.

Few places harbour the range of climates and landforms -from tropical beaches washed by the waters of the Indian Ocean to the freezing summits of the highest mountains.

By today's standards this 800,000 hectare expanse of undisturbed tropical rainforest straddling North Sumatra and Aceh provinces is large and includes a wide spectrum of habitats: brackish swamps, lowland forests, river terraces, valley bottoms, volcanic plateaus and mountain blangs (meadows) near the top of the highest ranges.

The mountain ranges themselves are important water­sheds, and the source of rivers vital to the several million people living around the park. The rivers not only nourish a vast and intricate network of rice fields but also supply most of the fresh fish consumed by the local people.

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